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Taxi & Professional Drivers

All professional drivers have to be fit in order to be allowed to drive. They have to be able to demonstrate higher standards of fitness than those required to drive socially. This includes taxi (black cab) HGV and bus drivers.

As a clinical cardiologist working in London I have had long experience in treating black cab and other professional drivers such as HGV drivers and bus drivers. Unfortunately heart disease is quite common in these groups. I have looked after black cab, HGV and bus drivers with angina, heart attacks and carried out coronary angioplasty and stent insertion.

In many of these cases the professional drivers are keen to return to work after successful treatment. I have been involved in their assessment and am very used to providing the reports required by either the Public Carriage Office (Transport for London) or the DVLA.

I understand fully that without evidence of being fit to drive that you can lose your licence and your living. In order to reduce the stress and worry of waiting for tests and results I provide a detailed, rapid and accurate testing service. All paperwork is completed with high efficiency to help you stay licenced and on the road.

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