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Instructions for Taxi and Professional drivers having Heart Tests at Wood Street Clinic

A short medical form has to be completed before any tests are done. My team will send you a copy of the form through the post so that you can complete it in advance. The form asks about your medical history in relation to your heart.  

Since the DVLA updated the rules regarding exercise testing in March 2016 you can continue all tablets you are taking before a treadmill exercise test.

Please be sure to bring with you any forms you have from the Public Carriage Office or DVLA that need signature or completion.   

Taxi drivers must pay for the tests at the time of their appointment. This can be by Cash/Visa/MasterCard not Amex or Diners.  

Unfortunately we are no longer able to accept cheques for these services.

Different arrangements apply to tests requested directly by the DVLA eg for HGV drivers. These are usually directly paid for by the DVLA.

Please contact The Wood Street Clinic directly for more details

T 020 - 8449 7656
F 020 8441 0231

Alternitively you contact me
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