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The Background

The DVLA set the health standards for all types of driving licence in this country. To drive a black cab you hold a Group 1 licence. This has much lower health standards than the Group 2 licences needed for lorry and bus drivers. In the last few years the government has instructed the taxi licensing authorities to apply the Group 2 health requirements to Taxi drivers even though they still hold Group 1 licences. The practical effect is that all taxi drivers need to demonstrate much higher levels of fitness than previously.


In London what is still referred to by many of you as "The Carriage Office " now Transport for London - London Taxi & Private Hire Directorate are increasingly applying these stricter higher standards.

Standards required for drivers with a history of heart disease

There are a variety of health issues that can affect the heart

The commonest issues that require assessment to drive a cab are

1. Drivers who have had a heart attack
2. Drivers who have had an angioplasty including those who have had a stent inserted
3. Drivers who have had bypass surgery (CABG)

In addition to be free of symptoms for at least six weeks they need to have one or more heart tests in order to continue to drive a cab.

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