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Heart Tests for Professional Drivers

I understand the importance of your licence if you are a  HGV, Bus or other professional driver. It is essential for your work: it is your living!

busOver many years I have cared for many professional drivers. I am able to provide the detailed, rapid, accurate, heart assessments increasingly demanded by  

both the DVLA and other authorities.

HGV and Bus drivers are subject to Group 2 Medical Standards set by the DVLA. You can download the current medical standards of fitness to drive . The standards for professional drivers are set out in Section 2 "Cardiovascular Disorder" of the document.

There was a major update of the DVLA regulations published in March 2016. The major change affecting professional drivers is that all medication can be continued before an exercise test. There is no longer a requirement to stop some of the tablets. 


The most common heart tests required by the DVLA are

  • Treadmill Exercise Testing
  • Echocardiography to assess the heart's performance (LVEF)

In some cases the DVLA requires

  • Functional testing (Stress Echocardiography)

This is now available.


Tests requested by the DVLA eg for HGV drivers are usually paid directly by them. In these cases there is no charge payable by you.

These tests can be easily and conveniently arranged at Wood Street Clinic.

If tests are requested by other authorities the current special prices for professional drivers are

  • Exercise testing £259
  • Echocardiography for measurement of LVEF £280

If both tests are required then the combined price is £519 - a further saving of £20!

  • Stress Echocardiography  (Functional testing) costs £595

Charges include preparation of the required reports

Payment by Cash / Visa / MasterCard not Amex or Diners Club.


Contact The Wood Street Clinic for more details or to make an appointment.

telephone 020  8449 7656


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